Silicon Valley Women: Leigh Phillips encourages and helps...

  • 21 Sep
  • 10 min
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Blockchain companies unite to drive interoperability

L'Atelier BNP Paribas Americas @atelier_us August 16, 2018

#SanFrancisco-based startup @CreditKarma acquires mortgage platform @Approved v/@TechCrunch #FinTech

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Three Indonesian tech unicorns unite to back digital insurance startup


Selfies becoming a useful tool for payments and insurance?

  • 08 Aug
  • 5 min
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Facebook reportedly in talks with major U.S. banks to offer checking account services on Messenger

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Trended data to help lenders make more informed decisions 26 July 2018 See article

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SoftBank and Paytm are launching a digital payment service in Japan

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'Alexa, please loan me $100'

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Why the banking industry needs more leaders with STEM skills

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The six new banking careers of the future

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Venmo is officially launching its physical debit card in partnership with MasterCard 21 June 2018 See article

In an attempt to reduce the use of cash and checks, Singapore is launching a payments platform called PayNow