Facebook is gradually becoming an integrated services platform. The latest brand to come on board is Canada-based TD Bank, which has launched a customer service facility via the Facebook Messenger app.

TD Bank offers customer service facility via Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger today has over 800 million monthly active users worldwide. It is therefore no surprise that brands are gradually starting to transform Facebook into a genuine integrated services platform. In the United States you can already send money to your friends from a Facebook chat window, and you can order a ride with Uber without having to exit Facebook Messenger. So it seems obvious that brands should move to integrate their customer offerings into the Messenger app as well.

An increasing number of brands now enable users and customers to interact in live mode with company staff via their website. Canadian TD Bank is now widening the range of customer contact options with the launch of an extra customer service channel inside Facebook Messenger, an approach that the Hyatt hotel chain has also been testing out since last October.

TD Bank is the first bank in the world to offer customer service through Facebook Messenger, the idea being to stay in touch with customers ‟inside one of their favourite apps,” underlined Jordan Banks, Facebook Canada Managing Director. Theresa McLaughlin, Global Chief Marketing Officer for the TD Bank Group, explains in a press release that ‟more than 16 million Canadians use Facebook every day, so it is an important communication platform for us to make a more personal, human connection with our customers.” Since 22 December Facebook Messenger app users have been able to open a conversation with a TD Bank agent, any time from 6am to 11pm 7 days a week, another step towards providing customers with a frictionless banking experience.

By Pauline Canteneur