Even Sesame Credit was expected by the public for quite a time and finally came as a feature within Alipay wallet, it still give us some surprise. The government launched the announcement of personal credit investigation preparation at the beginning of the year, Alibaba inserts its credit evaluation feature into the Alipay just one month after. Even the personal credit could be check in the Bank of China’s Credit Investigation Center, I neither tried it nor consider it useful.

It is written by Hanna Chen, Analyst Consultant from L'Atelier Asia


People could check the sesame score in the Alipay wallet, obviously this evaluation is from the data on Alibaba’s whole ecosystem and divide by five metrics:

Credit history: 35% Refund the credit card and mortgage on time

Behavior preference: 25% Pay the bills on time or do the charity

Contractual capacity: 20% Ability for repayment 

Identity: 15% Occupation and education background

Interpersonal connections: 5% Friends’ credit record

It reminds us with the FICO credit system which is used by three Credit Bureaus in the U.S. and also composed by five metrics: payment history (35%), debt burden (30%), length of credit history (15%), types of credit used (10%), recent searches for credit (10%). Comparing with Sesame’s system, FICO focus more on detailed personal credit information other than the related ones. By gathering the data from other credit investigation institutions, Sesame could improve the existing system.

Credit scores could be used on the Ali cooperated platforms including auto leasing sites Ccclubs , Shenzhou zuche and hotels on Ali travel for free deposit if the score is above 600.

It’s good to see the progress and innovation of the online finance again, the personal information is still a concern for public, since we already leave so much information on these platforms.