It’s the common knowledge in China that news on CCTV daily 7 pm news broadcast are quite significant. Internet news are often not big enough except Webank, the one that the Premier witnessed the initial loan leasing.

Webank, a bank attracts Chinese government profound attention

It is written by Hanna Chen, analyst Consultant of L'Atelier Asia


Even 5 companies got the private banking license in the middle of 2014, Webank, which Tencent holds 30% shares, is the first one to launch the business. Webank is a pure digital bank aiming to provide small micro-enterprise and public with deposit and small credit business, along with other distinctive financial service.

Webank’s official site was launched, the page is simply shows the name, slogan and a QR code. By scanning the QR code, here’s a well-made Webank introduction on the phone with the recruiting message. The seemingly simple pages on PC and phone need quite sophisticated design and programming, said a staff from the joint-stock bank. Dose this also indicate the internet strength of Tencent?

According to news, Webank includes 5 divisions: retail & small micro-enterprise unit, credit card cooperation unit, interbank & enterprise unit, strategy & new business unit and tech unit.

Since the business was open at the first workday of 2015 with the government attention, the private banking trend is irreversible. It’s the chance for internet companies but also the challenge for the traditional players. We will see how they all face it in this year.‍