What kind of services could you add to your offline ecosystem to differentiate yourself from your competitors? Here are some wannabe brilliant and biting ideas.

China is all about value added services that increase your word-of-mouth presence

Hypothesis 1. Your are an apparel vendor. You have small shops and three different product categories. Lets say: children, women and men's apparel. Within you tiny boutiques, it&#39 isn't very convenient to mix your categories. So your strategy is to have specialized shops. A man enters, buys items for himself, but would also like to buy something for his wife and children. A strategy could be to add Internet kiosks within your store, with specialized entries for Children and Women apparel. Then he could choose and pay his gifts inside the shop, gifts that will be delivered the same day. This is a value added service.

Hypothesis 2: you are a car dealer, and you'd like to differentiate your brand from the competitors. After an intense brainstorming, you  discussed the possibility of providing have a neck massage, similar to the experience while waiting at an airport gate, or to have tea served while your tire is being installed, or to have a kids area with a clown like a during a Sunday brunch. But, no, you are more original that this. And you know that , according to a report by Unesco, dental check cycle should be done every three to six months. And guess what, this is just the same as a cycle of car maintenance! No kidding! So finally, you chose to partner with a dental clinic that will offer free dental check to your customers undergoing car maintenance.

Your name is China Yongda Automobiles Services Holdings Limited, your brands are Jaguar & Land Rover, your partner is ARRAIL Dental Clinic and you will provide free dental check in your Shanghai Pudong store.

By Agathe Foussat
Business Analyst