Austin, Texas-based EverlyWell has come up with a series of kits that enable people to carry out medical tests on themselves at home and obtain clear, intelligible results.

EverlyWell launches at-home medical tests in the US

You go through medical tests and receive the results, and then you have to carry out a tedious decoding process to try and understand what the series of numbers and the esoteric terms actually mean for your health. This is where EverlyWell comes in. “Results sent out by laboratories are unreadable,” Julia Cheek, EverlyWell founder and CEO, told the audience at a TechCrunch Disrupt event in San Francisco in mid-September. “Many people are seeing their spending on health rise, and so they have to be more proactive about their health decisions. Medical testing ought to be easy both to carry out and to understand,” she underlined.

To meet this need, EverlyWell sells a range of at-home medical tests. Each kit, which you can order online and have delivered direct to your home, comes with step-by-step instructions explaining how to take the necessary blood, saliva or urine samples. Then all you have to do is to send your sample(s) to one of the firm’s partner labs. Five days later you will be able to find your results on the EverlyWell website, in a clear readable form, with suggestions on what action you might wish to take, based on the results.

 ”All our partner laboratories are certified and have carried out many thousands of tests. Our tests are approved as being as trustworthy as any your medical practitioner could ask you to have carried out,” claims Julia Cheek. The company is currently offering eight different kits, including tests for food sensitivity, stress and sleep, cholesterol levels and women’s fertility. Cheek promised that in the near future EveryWell would be scaling up so as to offer a hundred or so tests. “In the same way that consumer-ordered pregnancy, HIV and DNA tests are now ubiquitous, so too should health and wellness testing be, and EverlyWell is here to change that,” stressed the EverlyWell founder. Today the company has 1,500 customers running beta tests on the kits in forty-five US states.

By Nathalie Doré & Guillaume Renouard

Article first published in French financial newspaper Les Echos.

By Guillaume Renouard