Anti-ageing the latest target for AI

  • 29 Aug

A newly-founded company has set out to use artificial intelligence in order to achieve one of humankind’s most cherished wishes – longevity with good health.

Is there anyone who hasn’t dreamed at some time of sipping from the Fountain of Youth and becoming immortal? In fact the beauty products industry has also tapped to some extent into the myth of eternal youth in its efforts to sell the impossible dream to its customers.

Now a joint venture called Juvenescence AI Limited, set up by UK millionaire Jim Mellon in partnership with US ageing research and drug discovery company Insilico Medicine, has set out to use artificial intelligence in pursuit of this goal. Taking the view that ageing is a form of illness, the Juvenescence AI researchers will be looking to discover what it is that causes the ageing process in human cells, with a view to reducing the number of age-related illnesses and prolonging human life, before one day putting humanity on the path to immortality.

In spite of the astonishing number of failed attempts that have been made in recent decades to find the secret of immortality, a growing number of scientists now believe that this goal is achievable. French surgeon, writer and transhumanism expert Laurent Alexandre has predicted that "we’re perhaps the last generation of mortals."  

However, before starting to dream of attaining that elusive immortality, shouldn’t human beings perhaps be trying harder to make the most of their fleeting days on earth?