Switzerland pioneering drone delivery of medical supplies in Europe!

  • 03 Oct
  • 2 min

To speed up blood samples delivery, Swiss hospitals could soon rely on unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV).

In time-critical situations, standard delivery of medical supplies can be jeopardized by road traffic and lead to the death of a patient. This could be the case when, for instance, a surgeon need a particular blood type to perform an operation. In that kind of situation, time is of the essence. This is why drone could progressively become a solution to deliver this kind of emergency supplies. This is already the case in Africa - and more precisely in Rwanda or Tanzania - where the use of UAV is mainly due to distance between medical facilities, supply shortage and bad weather conditions.

In Europe, Switzerland is set to become the first country to implement this technology for medical purpose. Startup Matternet will operate the service: take off and charging being completely automated. According to the company, using UAV delivery could cut freight cost up to 30% and increase delivery speed: from 25 min for a delivery by car to 3 min by drone. These are two good reasons in favor of hospital logistics getting a breath of fresh air!