VR to the rescue of the visually-impaired

  • 08 Sep
  • 2 min

A new Virtual Reality headset app has been designed to help visually impaired people to see and read better.

Virtual Reality (VR) technology has a wide range of applications, including in the Retail world, for video games and even in the Health sector. Now electronics giant Samsung has just recently launched an app in this field. With Relúmĭno, the Korea-based company has set out to help enhance the vision of visually-challenged people. The new app, which works with Samsung’s Gear VR headset, can be programmed so as to adapt images to the user’s specific visual shortcomings.

For example, for users who have a blind spot in the centre of the retina or suffer from tunnel vision (loss of peripheral vision), the app is able to move an image or object being viewed over to a location in their field of vision where their eye will be capable of seeing it more clearly. Writing or objects can also be enlarged, reduced, adjusted for colour contrast and brightness, and even have their actual colour reversed or filtered, according to the particular impairment of the user.

Samsung has announced that this new system will be on the market at an affordable price. So here is a promising new tool that could enhance the vision, and so perhaps improve the entire lives, of some 240 million people all over the world.