Workers wanting to use tablet devices at work is pushing businesses to consider their implementation. 2012 is predicted to be the year in which a growing number of companies will consider tablet usage at work.

American and French Employees Have Highest Demand for Tablets at Work


Cisco recently conducted a survey looking at tablet demand in the enterprise – especially in the context of BYOD – and the perception IT managers have the challenges brought by BYOD. The study, conducted among the U.S, France, Canada, Spain, the U.K and Germany, shows that for every three smartphones requests there's one tablet request. While BYOD is on the rise, the study shows a lot of European and American companies are still reticent to the idea. 51% of those surveyed mentioned that the number of workers bringing personal devices to work is increasing, but 48% said their companies are against the idea of implementing a BYOD policy. Despite this, 57% said that employees use personal devices without their employer's consent.

Demand differs among countries and job positions

The U.S and France have the highest demand for tablets – 21% of the workforce. Requests mostly come from senior executives in the US (38%). Spanish workers are said to be the most “excited” about tablet adoption in the enterprise. Among all countries, salespeople are the ones most likely to request a tablet, with a 21% rate in tablet demand. However, German salespeople have a higher rate than other countries with 31% asking for tablets. While the U.S are generally said to lead BYOD adoption, the study shows American IT managers also are the most concerned about BYOD policy – 75% of American IT managers want new rules to be established for security.

BYOD issues distract IT from more important projects

Though workers want to use BYOD tablets at work, security problems remain a concern for IT Managers. Globally speaking, 44% of those surveyed report that dealing with BYOD issues is distraction for IT away from other projects. 64% said access to company servers would be a “huge problem” in the employee happened to loose their device. If tablets were to be implemented in companies, 48% of IT managers feel that access to company applications is to be limited to all employees, but access to custom apps benefits their business. IT managers globally think emailing, document sharing, IM and synchronization with desktop are necessary. 

By Marcus Burke