More employees are bringing their own devices to the workplace at companies of all sizes. But larger enterprises are more often supporting the practice, as well as certain industries more than others.


Personal devices are becoming more prevalent in the workplace - employees are bringing smartphones and tablets to help with work, and are expecting IT to support their devices. In support of the Bring Your Own Device movement, the Annual State of BYOD Report from Good Technologyfound that more enterprises are embracing BYOD, increasing from 72 percent last year to 76 percent, and very few companies indicate that they do not intend to support it in the future (only 5 percent). In addition, despite the likelihood that smaller companies or startups would have better BYOD adoption rates, larger enterprises are most active - 75 percent of supporting companies have 2,000 or more employees, and 46 percent have over 10,000 employees.

Adoption of the BYOD trend considered “inevitable”

The adoption of BYOD will likely continue, with a large majority of current support and a decline in companies that have no plans to support the trend. Over 13 percent of respondents plan to implement BYOD in the next 12 months, as well as 6 percent who are considering but not constructing an adoption timeframe. This leaves that 5 percent who are not supporting BYOD, a figure that has decreased from 9 percent last year. Good Tech findings suggest that adoption is “becoming more inevitable.” Mid- to large-sized companies are the most prevalent adopters of BYOD, though all sizes increased adoption over the last year. For companies with less than 2,000 employees, about 25 percent have instituted policies that support employee devices in 2012, up from 19 percent in 2011.

Along with larger businesses, Finance/Insurance the biggest BYOD industry

By industry, adoption practices vary widely. The Finance and Insurance category is by far the most active, with 35 percent currently supporting and 5 percent planning to support BYOD in the next 12 months. Right after this, support is highest in Legal, Professional Services, Manufacturing, and Healthcare at around 5 percent for each. Media/entertainment, Software and government come next with about 3% of company supporting BYOD. Transportation, Hospitality, Communication and Life Sciences still have a long way to go, with an adoption rate close to 0. 

By Ivory King