As companies are going cloud, keeping cloud services costs down is becoming crucial. Cloudability gives companies metrics, alerts and spending analysis to help businesses save time and money.

Cloudability helps companies track cloud spending


All types of companies have need of cloud services, ranging from Web hosting to customer support. Tracking and budgeting this type of expense can be tricky, and Cloudability has arisen to fill that need. Beyond regular hosting and bandwidth needs, sometimes companies utilize extra servers before a high-volume event, such as Black Friday, but do not turn them off in a timely manner, and are stuck with an unexpectedly high bill. This and other factors contribute to the need for proper cost monitoring and business metrics. Cloudability lets businesses track and monitor their cloud spending in order to reduce wasteful expenses. Businesses of any size can use Cloudability. The service is free for those who spend up to $2.5K monthly, and several tiers for higher levels of spending up to and over $50K per month.

Tracking cloud spending to limit waste

Cloudability offers its clients daily or weekly spending reports, spike and overage protection, spending trend visualization, and other features. Members connect their various accounts with cloud service vendors to their Cloudability dashboard, and can then track their spending, receive alerts when their spending peeks, and overall manage cost. "We have a cloud platform that goes out and gets data from hundreds of providers, everything from Amazon to Salesforce to all the content providers," saidCEO and co-founder Mat Ellis. "We give you insight into what you're spending and we make it easier to pull your expense claims out", as the dashboard lets businesses identify where they are wasting money. The service even predicts what the total bill should be based on previous expenses.

As companies go cloud, demand for monitoring services is rising

Just as did with consumer banking service, Cloudability has identified a service gap and stands to flourish by presenting itself as the flagship solution in this category. And indeed, with a growing number of businesses going cloud, such services are promising. Companies like SlideShare, KissMetrics, and Syncapse are currently receiving service from the “cloudy” Portland-based monitoring service. Last week they added support from Akamai, Edgecast, Pingdom, and deeper Rackspace Cloud integration. Cloudability is currently managing over $49.000.000 for more than 1000 companies worldwide. 

By Ivory King