As a growing percentage of people bring personal technology to the workplace, fellow colleagues are becoming envious of devices they do not possess. Whether it’s a device upgrade or a completely new purchase, professionals want what they don’t have.

Co-Workers' Personal Devices Generate Tech Envy on the Workplace

A survey conducted by Captivate Network reveals the workplace is becoming a space for sharing new technologies with co-workers, leading to a desire among fellow colleagues to obtain the same products. 30% of those polled stated they are very envious of technology their co-workers have, with the main population group demonstrating tech envy being working mothers. 60% of this segment are over 30 years old and earn less than $125,000 in annual household income, and report wanting to purchase the same products as their colleagues more than any other demographic. Moreover, as the workplace is facilitating awareness of new technologies, 35% of people want to become more informed about these new products instead of wanting their colleagues to be more discreet regarding their new acquisitions.

Glimpse into Co-Workers’ Preferred Devices

The survey not only shows that the office is a forum for learning about new technologies, but it also reveals what products are the most popular at work. Among the top 4 devices surveyors mentioned as their favorite technology, 73% named smartphones, tablets, e-readers and HDTVs. Regardless of income, age and gender, smartphones were the most preferable devices among all groups; however, higher-income professionals rated tablets as their favorite technology while women showed a stronger preference for e-readers than men. Additionally, 73% of those desiring a smartphone wish to have an iPhone, 80% of those wishing to buy a tablet want an iPad, and 60% of those wanting an Ereader desire to purchase a Kindle.

Family Less Influential than Co-Workers

Friends and family who possess technological devices that others don’t have are shown to have less of a pull than co-workers when enticing others to purchase the same devices. Only 26% of those surveyed report being envious and wanting to hear and see more about technologies owned by friends and family. 39% reported being very envious of colleagues with tablets whereas 34% showed to be very envious of friends or family members. When it comes to e-readers, 36% stated being envious of co-workers whereas only 33% felt the same way about friends or family.

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By Marcus Burke