Image via Wikipedia Reading your email in your car -- what a strange idea, right? Now, thanks to a partnership between BMW and Research in Motion (RIM), it’s possible. The companies together developed a new Bluetooth technology

that syncs Blackberry devices with the iDrive system, the computer that controls all functions of the German automaker’s cars. With this new development, the iDrive controller serves as a remote control for the device. Drivers will be able to read new messages in their cars, for example.
This idea is interesting but looks like dangerous; that’s why engineers also developed a voice option. When users click on play, they can listen to their emails in a safe manner. Moreover, contacts are synchronized into the car and there is another smart application: if the driver receives a text message which contains a phone number, they can initiate a phone call with the phone number embedded in the message.

This application will be included in the BlackBerry operating system. BMW owners will just have to synchronize their smartphone with iDrive. But let’s not forget that when the automakers developed the iDrive system few years ago, it was criticized by a lot of users and specialists. Indeed, the system was too complex and it was difficult to understand how it works, so BMW improved the system. Now, it is easier and more intuitive. Let’s hope this new connection with BlackBerry will not weigh down iDrive’s system.
BMW is not the only one to think about the connection between smartphones and cars. Next year, Ford will launch another interesting solution in its new Fiesta model. With it, drivers will be able to control their smartphone apps through voice commands. For example, drivers will be able to listen to Pandora, the free music website, without looking down at their phone. They just have to say a command or use the car radio’s controls.
This new technology makes the driver’s life safer and easier. Thanks to iDrive, they will not just drive a car, they will drive their office!

By Romain Chapron