Foundersync is a platform that analyzes people with ideas and connects them with others that have the skills to get their business launched. It wants to be a matchmaker for entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurship: finding the right team through an algorithm


Social networks have improved their recommendations so that their members can find each other more easily, but this only helps to connect those who already know each other. For professionals, it is often more helpful to be suggested people that would be beneficial for them to know. Foundersync has developed a platform that aims to do this, specifically for entrepreneurs. While an idea may propel the formation of a startup, Foundersync acts as an “entrepreneurial matchmaker” to recommend other individuals who have complementary skills that will enable one person to develop her idea into a successful business.

Rational match-making based on an algorithm...

Foundersync approaches the entrepreneurial process as a puzzle, and uses an algorithm to find the pieces of that puzzle - people with particular skills, needs, and ideas. By forming this network service, individuals can circumvent much of the legwork of finding these specifics by themselves, or avoid the negative effects of not knowing what skills they need and failing to fill those positions. In addition to matching people, the platform includes communication channels for users to chat and collaborate.

...Helps startups save time and resources

This service was created by a partnership of a marketing firm, design and development agency who recognized the need for a space in which people could not only connect in innovative ways, but a safe environment to exchange ideas. Foundersync provides some ways to maintain privacy, verify identity and avoid time wasters. Since entrepreneurs are matched with resources based on a variety of factors, matches are based on more than just skills - personality and business phase are also part of the process. This may lessen the risk of partnering with people who are not the passionate entrepreneurs that Foundersync is targeting with its service.

By Ivory King