Frengo has created the first suite of interoperable applications that are able to run on and across Myspace, Facebook, Hi5, Bebo and Orkut.   A leading provider of social mobile services, Frengo announced on May 6th a suite of app

lications that users can operate between the top social networking sites without logging off of one site and onto the other, uniting the vast communities that share applications.   The applications not only enhance the traditional functions of social networking applications such as interacting with friends, but they also enable users to find new ones by discovering those with common interests not necessarily in the same site.   “We think it adds a whole new layer of vitality to social networks and raises the bar for other developers in this space,” said Mahi de Silva, Frengo CEO.   The leading application in the new suite is “Flirtable.”   Already the top mobile application on Facebook and one with 4 million users worldwide, “Flirtable” now enables users to find friends across the five other top social networking sites.   The social browsing and dating application enables users to surf profile pictures, send and receive virtual gifts and make introductions to friends. The Flirtable Mobile application enables the same features through any Internet-friend mobile phone.   “Applications like Flirtable have already found great traction within individual social networks but we are really jazzed about leading the charge to get users across these networks to connect with one another,” de Silva said.   Another application is Lolz, a collaboration between Frengo and ICanHasCheeseburger—the Web site famous for its humorous LOLCats photos and captions.   The unique online community of ICanHasCheeseburger is a place dedicated almost entirely to user-generated content. Its users upload funny photos of cats and add even funnier captions, and such content appears in many social networking sites between friends.   The application utilizes the user-generated content of LOLCats and enables its users to easily share, caption or re-caption photos with a like-minded community.   The application will be available to Myspace, Facebook and Hi5 users, and it will be available for Orkut later in May.   It demonstrates the unification of user-generated content, social networking and mobile media, a process that is rapidly growing into a formidable industry.   The new suite of applications continues the Frengo tradition of bringing social media to the top networking sites and mobile devices.   They take advantage of the enormous network created by the five networking sites and encourage the use of mobile Internet devices.   Many see mobile Internet devices as the future of Web 2.0, and with applications like “Flirtable,” Frengo is at the front of the pack in developing and unifying the diverse social media.   Frengo’s effort to join the communities of separate social networks on PCs and phones shows the direction the Internet is headed.   By Danny Scuderi   FEEDBACK For comments on this article, email us at