Cloud-based office networks offer easy scalability and security with services like Pertino. The cloud network lets workers connect from any Iocation with Internet, safely and reliably.

The future of business networks may lie in the cloud


The model for office networks has made businesses rely on solutions that are often complicated and expensive, and only available when workers are on-site. But cloud-based services can give companies more options in employee location, data security and network reliability. Cloud service Pertino acts just like an office network, connecting staff with each other and IT resources, but it can be used only by registered people on secured devices, anywhere with an Internet connection. The enterprise-optimized service is pay-per-person, so it is easily scalable and prioritizes security, easily and quickly adding or removing workers, or remotely wiping access credentials from stolen devices.

The cloud may offer businesses more reliable service than traditional networks

A key benefit for businesses with cloud services is reliability - and Pertino really puts the focus on this through a climate change lens. We can consider Pertino as a startup in a post-Superstorm Sandy world, with an emphasis on connecting workplaces with cloud services that are redundant and therefore weatherproof, as well as keeping employees and executives communicating even when they are stuck at airports or in holding patterns by storms. This reliability is of course essential for more reasons than extreme meteorological conditions, since networks must hold through any number of factors.

Networks may expand to non-enterprise users as fees and other barriers are low

Cloud networking may have a lucrative future in business, but personal use could be a valuable secondary market. Mobility is valuable for anyone with multiple computers - an individual could easily access personal, family and work devices with Pertino’s Personal Plan, which is free for up to 3 people and 3 devices each. This could affect services like Dropbox, effective file sharing tools that may not have the robust security tools that Pertino does. But though cloud services are focused on portability, Pertino is only available on a narrow subset of devices, none of them mobile - only recent Windows devices are supported, though it is expected to be extended to MacOS X.



By Ivory King