Android 2.2 and Google TV were the focus of the second keynote of Google’s I /O conference today. Before announcing what’s new for Google’s famous smartphone operating system, Vic Gundotra, VP of Engineering, gave us som

e data. Indeed, Android is compatible with over 60 devices - in opposition to Apple's strategy of one device for all. This system, available in 48 countries, is now second on the smartphone market in the US (after RIM) and first regarding usage. Finally, they’ve passed 50,000 downloaded apps. We could easily say that all of this encouraging data will be increased by the appearance of Froyo . The codename for Android 2 .2, Froyo benefits from the Just-in-Time compiler, new specific features for enterprise and new services for developers. Android’s owners will also now experience automatic updates for all of their applications.

For tech enthusiasts, one of the most interesting new Froyo functionalities is voice commands. For example, during the demo, the developers asked the handset, "Picture of the Golden Gate Bridge." This sentence appears automatically in the browser with pictures of the famous bridge below. More amazing is the ability to analyze human intentions. "Call Fifth Floor Restaurant," asked the Google employee, and the smartphone performed the task in seconds. In the last example, he said another phrase and his Android device translated it into French. Awesome.

Another fascinating announcement is the possibility to download applications to an SD card in addition to internal memory. Due to this advancement, a user could download an app on a PC and send it wirelessly to the Android device. It could also be possible to send music from the PC’s library to the phone.

Thanks to that announcement, it’s obvious that our smartphones will become more connected to our computers, and more clever at responding to our requests…The definition of a personal assistant, isn’t it?

By Romain Chapron