Consumer complaints can often get lost in the shuffle, but Gripevine helps monitor them. The site helps customers be heard and brands to offer optimal CRM.


Consumers and businesses now have a website dedicated to helping them resolve their differences in complaints, disputes or bad experiences with Gripevine. Self-described as a “neutral, fair and level playing field,” the site incorporates social networking elements and public ratings to take a transparent approach to CRM. The service was built with the idea that businesses want to help customers, but sometimes direct messages or calls can get lost in big-volume communication channels. Beverly Hills-based Gripevine highlights the need for timely relationship management and provides a way for customers to communicate with brands and be heard. In a world where social media have become a major means for customers to complain about a bad customer experience or service, Gripevine also

Customers post a gripe and share it with friends until the brand responds

After a customer has determined that emailing or calling a company is not working for them, he can add leverage by publishing the story on Gripevine. Their automated response tech notifies the company, and the specified decision makers at the company who can make things right, and gives both participants another opportunity to resolve the complaint. If the company still does not respond, the customer can invite his friends and followers to support a public gripe that shows up on their social network, which they can click on to support it, and it spreads to other networks, hopefully motivating the company to act. With more site participation, users earn credibility points.

Gripe monitoring can help brands to fix problems before the word spreads  

The customer chooses whether to make this discourse private or public, which puts more power in his hands, but Gripevine gives help to companies too - positive customer experience can spread on this network just as well as negative experience does. Gripevine provides a management systemwith monitoring tools, where they can view categorized and prioritized gripes and respond quickly to them, neutralize negative feedback and prevent poor word-of-mouth from spreading. While social networks have increased the clout of customer complaints with their potential to go viral like co-founder Dave Carroll’s United Breaks Guitarsvideo, they also give businesses a quick and easier way of seeing these gripes and responding to them. Gripevine aims to leverage that strength with their enterprise services.

By Ivory King