Customizable content and curation comes to healthcare news. Docphin developed an optimized social reader just for the wellness industry.

Healthcare social readers keep doctors informed with industry news


Whatever the type of wellness provider or practitioner, timesavers are a big priority for healthcare professionals. Monitoring relevant news and research can be incredibly time-consuming, with the volume of articles that are mailed or emailed on a weekly or monthly basis. Providers need simple access to content from industry journals, and an easy way to track news on subjects that are of particular interest in more mainstream periodicals. Social networks can add work in this situation with its necessary posting and following, and RSS Readers pull all content from a feed from just the past few weeks. Neither of these tools are inherently optimized for healthcare curation.

Curation tool for heathcare practitioners

Docphin brings personalization and trust to industry articles, and is useful for both medical providers and health institutions. Individual users sign up for a free account, and choose favorite resources and journals. Docphin creates a personalized page that gives different viewing options (Most Viewed, Most Recent) and connects to direct sources. The practitioner can share with others, save items to Favorites to read later, or start a discussion related to an item. Docphin was designed to help physicians or specialists focus on what they consider important in less time, and be more informed.

Efficiency and customizability to keeping current

Docphin uses a combination of useful interface elements that optimize efficiency - an at-a-glance Dashboard for quick survey of content, and curated personalization to cut out irrelevant noise. Anesthesiologists, cardiologists or other specialists can select their category for ready material, and receive suggestions based on their specialty or interests. Users can also select trusted sources, and set filters on specific topics. Docphin links with the user’s university so there is easy access to full-text articles. Social media is thoughtfully incorporated, with moderated Twitter and recommended material from similar users.2

By Ivory King