New software from IBM will allow comprehensive networking capabilities for businesses looking to fusion analytics and social business initiatives.

New cloud service IBM Connections is a corporate social networking tool that allows businesses to better execute decisions through the creation of a virtual community of employees, partners and customers. The software enables companies to better integrate and analyze large amounts of data produced by devices and people, allowing businesses to synthesize such information at faster rate for more efficient decision-making. When they need to analyze information such as customer and market trends, companies can use this software to promptly interpret patterns useful to making future strategic decisions. Moreover, marketing professionals can utilize this software to gain insight on rapidly evolving market trends, using data to potentially modify or maintain a strategy. These professionals can then create a social network to allow other experts to brainstorm ideas relevant to a particular topic.

Bringing Analytics to Social Business

Developing social analytics software that incorporates blogs, wikis, and activity streams are part of the cloud services IBM proposes. Considering social networking is already increasing in popularity, companies are looking to capitalize on a workforce apt to work with such tools. Functionalities of the software include creating both internal and external social communities enabling an organization to incorporate customer input while enhancing business results. Another example is the IBM SmartCloud, which facilitates access to file sharing within an organization, allowing workers to simultaneously edit documents and providing a common gateway for all business processes.

A Need for Better Integration

According to an online discussion hosted by IBM itself, a key finding was that social business activities lack the necessary integration with current business processes in order to be effective. In response to this, IBM has created an edition to IBM Connections that will allow companies to integrate social content management platforms with features that will improve knowledge sharing. This software also includes compliance and control features to help companies enhance information-sharing security.

By Marcus Burke