As a newly industrialised country, India is potentially a priority target for the new information and communication technologies sector when it comes to adopting ICTs for Human Resources management.

India Forging Ahead with ICTs in HR

Some 44% of all companies and organisations in India are now using or considering using mobile technology for their Human Resources management. This rate is substantially higher than among their counterparts in the Asia-Pacific region, where just 36% say the same thing. These figures, obtained by US global professional services firm Towers Watson during their ‘2014 HR Service Delivery and Technology Survey’ of 55 organisations, companies and global multinational corporations in India not only reveal broad interest in the new ICTs but show in particular the Indian market’s keenness on mobile technology in the workplace. “India-headquartered companies are more free to be innovative than global companies that already have established systems in place,” explains David Mitchell, APAC regional practice leader for HR technology at Towers Watson.

From mobile to the cloud...

The survey findings indicate that more than one in every three organisations in India is now implementing or planning to implement a new HR Management System. Moreover, 85% of them have or will have a dedicated HR portal, with 78% reporting their confidence in this tool as an effective means of meeting their targets. In addition, there is a strong desire among human resources managers to adopt Cloud-based technologies. Some 83% of the companies surveyed are contemplating using them, a much faster rate of adoption than in the United States, Mitchell points out. The survey findings prove above all that there is great growth potential in this area.

Market growth opportunities for HR ICTs

In spite of the apparent enthusiasm however, at the moment the organisations polled use mobile for less than 25% of their HR transactions. The survey also found that in India some key HR processes – particularly procedures related to talent management – are still manual/paper based. David Mitchell predicts nevertheless that in the near future companies in India will focus on developing more personalised talent management systems and cloud-based applications. Perhaps even more interestingly, gaming apps are also likely to play a role, with a number of companies saying they intend to adopt gaming techniques as part of their performance management strategy.


By Aurore Geraud
Senior Editor & Analyst