The ocean freight e-commerce solution provider has released a new business insight platform. OceanMetrics gives shippers and carriers a transparent data center where they can better communicate and optimize their businesses.

INTTRA Brings the Power of Big Data to Ocean Freight Analytics

E-commerce solution provider INTTRA will be powering its metrics with the Data Computing Appliance from EMC Greenplum. The relationship will give INTTRA customers - members of the ocean freight industry - real-time insights built into their newly launched business insights platform OceanMetrics that “enables shippers and carriers to measure their own performance” and that of their ocean freight partners. OceanMetrics uses carrier and shipper transactions processed on the INTTRA e-commerce platform to provide ocean shipment performance intelligence. This data accounts for 15% of global ocean container trade, and the measurements provided allow customers and partners to identify and prioritize improvements, resources and negotiations.

Big Data needs a powerful system to be best leveraged

DCA is fast - INTTRA and its customers can extract answers from the large volume of data in seconds rather than hours or days. The tech will be able to process data that are required to give insights on shipping performance, and its powerful platform operates without the “constraints of proprietary hardware.” Greenplum has trained its sights on harnessing the power of Big Data - the billions of gigabytes that are created by global actions which can be cultivated to inform all sorts of processes from recommendations engines to enterprise strategies. Or in this case, the finer workings of the ocean freight industry.

OceanMetrics can optimize the supply chain by making processes accessible

The common information that is now available to INTTRA shippers and carriers is meant to encourage collaboration between the participating groups of the industry. A business insights platform democratizes analytics, making greater efficiency possible. This service is free to INTTRA’s customers, and gives them transparency in their shipment process, with detailed measurements on time performance and booking metrics. With access to all this information that fosters trading partner collaboration, shippers and carriers can optimize their supply chain.

By Ivory King