Winning the place of only iOS application that enables iPod Touches and iPads to make calls or to text, Line2 has recently taken center stage.

The Toktumi-developed app relies on Wi-Fi to function, and because of this and its recent update to version three, airplane travelers can now text or call from the air, though the San Francisco-based startup pleads users to not use the latter function in planes.

Tech news and Aol.’s Small Business blog are not the only ones paying attention to Toktumi - their app was listed on Entrepreneur Magazine’s Annual Top 100 Brilliant Ideas List in June of this year. The app is free and the service costs $9.95 per month, utilizing a separate phone number for use with its voicemail, address book and previously mentioned functions.

As described in Lifehacker’s “Best Evil Apps for the iPhone,” the voice over IP options have been previously available via Skype or Fring, but Line2 offers more options for less money. Since the call quality is comparable to carrier voice service and the text interface is nicer, its a wonder that Line2 made it through Apple’s approval process. Many apps have faced denial due to Apple’s “duplicated functionality” caveat.

New York Times coverage remarks upon the money saving potential of Line2. In a hot spot, the app automatically answers calls, which could drastically lower minutes used, and VOIP calls overseas on Wi-Fi are still free. No indication of battery usage was given in available news.

In addition to Line2, Toktumi also has developed a hosted PBX phone service. As a second number for a cell phone, their virtual phone system serves as a work anywhere, business cell phone option without separate equipment. Plus, their Auto Attendant that comes with the package includes a custom IVR messaging system that routes calls to nine different departments.

By Ivory King