A relevant IT solution is important for managers and university officials to ensure security. Mass notification solutions are particularly important.

Mass notification solutions replacing email for security on campuses

Despite frequent natural or human disasters on University campuses, adoption of innovative solutions to ensure security on campus is still slow. Adopting proper security IT solutions is absolutely necessary for university officials and enterprise managers to ensure security on a campus or at the office. Control Room Group Physical Security – a control room equipment provider – now offers more effective mass notification solutions to its clients.  

Mass notification solutions are critical to ensure security

Mass notification solutions are critical to send out efficiently the right information to numerous students or employees in order to limit damage and avoid panic. According to David Garner, market manager at explains "most college campuses didn't have solid security infrastructures in place until recent years. And they mostly relied on email alerts to notify students and staff during an emergency. And the Internet wasn't at the same level as it is today and smart phones weren't common." CRG Physical Security has decided to offer mass notification solutions to inform people quickly of a disaster.

An open interface for better security

Good IT mass notification solutions have to be easy to use, intuitive and very visual for officials to use effectively and efficiently. The CRG has been working on delivering such systems through an open interface for easier customization and functionality. Users can choose to add a PC or a touchscreen if it better fits their needs. They also can integrate alarm based visualization software in order to be organized and responsive to any event. "The open interface removes many restrictions, so the integration possibilities are virtually unlimited," said Michael Spiessbach, market manager, CRG Physical Security. 

By Delphine Prediger