The second mobile application store to hit one billion downloads has more morale-boosting news for its team. The US branch of GetJar, based in San Mateo, CA, has announced a series B funding of eleven million dollars from Accel Pa

rtners by way of ReadWriteWeb. Largest only after the Apple iTunes app store, GetJar is positioning itself as the largest cross-platform app store in a prime location for what some consider a looming Apple/Google app war, but also caters to Blackberry, Symbian and other mobile operating systems.

The investment is another sign that VCs see the long-term market opportunity that the mobile applications industry presents, and in turn that GetJar can continue to prosper. GetJar will use its newly-acquired funds to expand product development, especially in Android, Blackberry and Symbian offerings. The company also has tripled employees, quadrupled downloads and signed partnerships with Sprint in a time of economic challenge, the RWW article continues.

Accel has made its mark in other startup investments including "Admob, Baidu, ComScore, Etsy, Facebook, Macromedia, Real Networks and Zimbra." The Palo Alto, CA firm is focusing on building global businesses as it grows its support for digital media, Internet and mobile tech businesses.

The site itself is helpful to newcomers, asking what model phone the visitor has so that it can make sure downloads are compatible. GetJar brings categories, recommendations and sponsored apps together in a clear and navigatable interface. To download apps within the GetJar interface, handset users access the mobile site and enter a code to download the appropriate app. Alternatively, users can download apps to their computer from the site and transfer them onto their phone.

Serial entrepreneur, CEO and Founder Ilja Laurs previously launched, mobile service MicroPay and mobile games studio Gaxo Interactive. The core management team has previously been involved with other mobile startups and a game publisher.