Californian startup Gigsky offers frequent travelers a universal SIM card which enables them to stay connected in a simple and convenient way when they go abroad.

Now the mobile generation can stay connected abroad easily and cheaply

Due to the high cost of mobile phone ‘roaming’ charges and Internet data downloads in many countries, international travelers often have to resort to turning off their device and connecting only through their hotel WiFi. So people who travel a lot and are used to being constantly connected find themselves penalized when abroad. Aiming to help the mobile generation stay connected worldwide, Gigsky has now developed an international mobile broadband data service which is easy to use, fast and reliable. This service is of particular benefit to people who move around a lot, especially those who need to travel on a regular basis for their work. The Gigsky system means they no longer have to go through the hassle of finding a new operator and a new SIM card in each country they visit on business.

A universal SIM card

The Palo Alto startup offers travelers a universal SIM card which enables them to stay connected easily when they travel overseas by connecting to the local 3G/4G network without incurring exorbitant roaming charges or having to juggle several SIM cards and mobile service providers. Before traveling abroad, a user simply needs to insert the GigSky Universal Data SIM into any unlocked smartphone, tablet, laptop or mobile router, and then download the GigSky app. On arrival, the traveler can open the app and select a suitable broadband data plan. The app then helps the user manage charges incurred for access and usage in each country. With the SIM card costing under $20 and rates starting at just 10 cents per MB, Gigsky aims to provide tourists and business travelers with an affordable mobile broadband data service, already available in over 70 countries.Additionally, Gigsky will provide 10MB of free mobile broadband service the first time a traveler lands in each country where Gigsky offers coverage. The GigSky international SIM card works with smartphones, tablets, laptops, mobile broadband hotspots and USB data sticks.

Staying connected, worldwide and non-stop

By providing convenient and better quality international mobile Internet access, Gigskyoffers a new approach to the way mobile consumers travel and communicate worldwide. In addition to offering a cheaper service for international travelers, the company also benefits mobile operators by putting them in touch with new customers. Gigsky’s forte is that the company works with partners worldwide, so that it can offer an enhanced customer service experience and is also in the box-seat when it comes to responding quickly to changes in customer needs, the market, and innovations in technology.  For the increasingly mobile consumer, being able to connect and stay connected on one’s travels the world over is also becoming a must. Another company on a similar mission is Gogo, which enables passengers to stay online, sending and receiving messages throughout their flights on the majority of US airlines.

By Manon Garnier