VentureBeat's annual mobile tech conference, MobileBeat 2010 took place this week in San Francisco, and featured speakers HP’s Phil McKinney, AT&T’s John Donovan, and Facebook’s Erick Tseng. The theme of "The Year of the

Superphone" spotlit high-powered mobile devices and the operating systems, applications and functionalities that are making mobile the defining platform of new media today.

As for the Startup Competition, the two Tesla awards went to education app EduPath and map maker Micello. EduPath is the 21st century's answer to bloated SAT prep books - the app has sections for the SAT and LSAT tests, with section tests that students can practice with anytime. Micello, described as the "Google Maps inside a building," serves to route users through large buildings and geolocate a walking path, with compass function if the mobile device is so equipped.

Additionally, the 2010 Gettie Awards were announced at the conference, named by cross-platform mobile app store GetJar. For each mobile OS, an application was named for best success or innovation:

Best Java application: WaveSecure Backup – Runs on non-smartphones and backs up or restores data securely
Best Symbian application: Nimbuzz – Free app makes calls, instant messaging, file & location sharing with Nimbuzz friends and Skype, and major chat networks
Best Windows Mobile application:Opera Mini – Fast Web browsing and file transfer, data compression for lower mobile plan charges
Best Blackberry application: Kayak Flight/Hotel Search – Multi-site travel search engine created an app that also manages itineraries and flight information
Best iPhone application: Tap Tap Revenge 3 – Social rhythm game with free songs and premium bundles of music collections
Best Android application: Lookout –Runs virus and malware protection in the background, remotely stores backup data, locates a lost phone on a Google Map, remotely sets off a loud alarm on the device, or wipes data
Best Overall Cross Platform App (Gettie Award): Layar – Augmented reality app for Android and iPhone that gives users contextual information about their location for finding restaurants, learning about buildings or playing games