In the field of overseeing construction sites, contractors are increasingly using mobile technology such as tablets and smartphones for decision-making purchases, with contractors being almost on par with other B2B professionals in such usage.

Mobility is Hitting Construction Sites and Contractors

When it comes to conducting business on-site, more purchasing research and transactions are being carried out with the help of mobile technologies. According to a study by Channel Marketing Group and Allen Ray Associates, 50% of contractors use smartphones, 49% use laptops, and 21% use tablets at jobsites, which indicates a shift from the office to the worksites when it comes to making purchases. Contractors primarily rely on websites for such information, with 91% of contractors using the Internet, as opposed to applications, for purchase decision-making.

Mobile Technology Common for B2B Professionals

59% of business-to-business decision-makers in the U.S. are using smartphones; usage among mobile technology for contractors is almost at the same level as other professionals. Though traditionally not a sector that has relied on mobile technology, general contractors, electricians, and plumbers have grown to embrace such tools for their daily functions. With 56% of such workers using smartphones to take photos of on-site projects, mobile technology is proving to be a useful tool not only for white-collar professions but blue-collar ones as well.

Websites a Good Source for Brand Information

In addition to using websites to watch product demonstration videos, 88% of those surveyed noted that websites were highly important for researching brand and product information. This type of research usually helps users compare prices and also favors product code scanning. Furthermore, innovation is a key driver for contractors wanting to research new brands. As workers are looking to improve worksite processes, the construction industry is using smartphones and tablets at high rates in order to find new products and innovations. Therefore, the study suggests brands targeting contractors start building mobile enabled websites to keep up with mobility becoming a strategic element for those customers.

By Marcus Burke