The rise of MOOCs has proven valuable to businesses wishing to bridge the ever-present skill gap by promoting continuous learning for employees, and enabling efficient talent spotting in providing recruitment resources.

MOOCs, corporate training and recruitment opportunities for companies

MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) have seen a huge development in the last years, with startups such as Coursera and Udacity striving to democratize access to higher education. With American universities acknowledging the potential of online courses notably as a solution to the challenges of public education, MOOCs have been developing as legitimate supplements to higher education or K-12. In short, the rapid rise of this trend has demonstrated the value of MOOCs, meaning not only students, but companies and their employees, have also sprung on the opportunity of distance-learning courses. Through their 'massive' accessibility, MOOCs have targeted companies as an asset for continuous learning and recruitment.

Continuous learning platforms tailored to companies

Indeed MOOCs are directing themselves at firms, making their learning platforms customizable to companies (Udemy for Organizations). This allows firms to make ongoing training courses with company-specific content on which employees' progress can be monitored, whilst maintaining the basic startup structure. Firms regularly using in-company lifelong learning programs should not hesitate to encourage employees to use MOOCs as way to acquire and maintain professional skill. The flexibility of online education opportunities, adaptable to the needs of employers and employees, are a highly efficient way for businesses to remain competitive and fast moving. For employees, MOOCs are already being used as a cheap and efficient way of pursuing studies whilst working, and sharpening professional proficiency and ambition.

And recruitment programs facilitating talent spotting

Some MOOC startups, such as Udacityor General Assembly, have established hiring programs in addition to their courses to ease the recruitment process for both students and firms. These hiring programs identify hiring needs of companies and provide a quick and easy connection with job-seeking students with talent gained from the online courses. Other startups manage the promotion of their students to allow companies to detect new talents; for example MakeGamesWithUs teaches students to make game applications and publishes them so that the game "shines on the App store" for companies to notice. Companies wishing to connect with emerging 'online' talents can therefore develop recruitment strategies that include recruitment programs proposed by MOOC startups.


Estelle Torre