Wouldn’t it be hugely convenient to bring all your online messaging services together on a single interface? This is precisely what Acision is offering with its Fuze app.

Nowadays many users of messaging services also use over-the-top (OTT) functionality such as chat, file sharing, video and VoIP, and are constantly demanding more convenient options. Mobile operators have not failed to notice this demand and in trying to boost customer loyalty and increase market share they now find themselves in the difficult situation of having to offer new services over and above their core business. UK-based mobile infrastructure provider Acision has firmly set out its stall in this market by bringing together a range of communication services on to a single interface through its Fuze app, unveiled at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona in late February. This consolidated messaging platform – integrating IP services plus an SMS and MMS fall-back functionality – looks capable of meeting latent user demand while also helping companies to save up to 70% on the cost of deploying traditional value-added services.

An all-in-one messaging app

“A combination of Skype, WhatsApp, and Flipboard, enhanced with a games platform” is how the Fuze team at the MWC described their new service.  This ‘all-in-one, telco-friendly, rich communication client for messaging, sharing and beyond’ uses WebRTC (Real Time Communication) to provide VoIP and peer-to-peer (P2P) file sharing without the need for proprietary plugins, as has been the case up to now. Fuze powers all current OTT messaging capabilities with functionality such as content channels, voice and video calls, unique split screen web browsing, and drag-and-drop functionality for sharing media and content. Acision CEO Adolfo Hernandez claimed: “With Fuze we're bringing the true meaning of 'anywhere, anytime' communication to reality by offering the richest user experience with fully integrated WebRTC.” Millions of mobile devices already support WebRTC technology, as do popular browsers such as Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, and this portends a real change, given that Fuze can easily be incorporated into existing devices.

Strategic opportunities

Fuze’s unique, multi-dimensional split-screen provides an optimised experience, allowing users to engage in two private chats simultaneously, or a concurrent chat and content viewing with instant sharing via an option for drag-and-drop between screens. In addition, a user can sign up via the app to RSS feeds and his/her favourite media content channels and brands. Fuze by Acision is complemented by Acision Fusion, which provides the backend cloud infrastructure. One of the key features of the Fuze and Fusion consolidation is integration to WebRTC, supporting contextual communications in real-time and potentially providing significant cost savings on the telecom infrastructure for any business that requires peer-to-peer communication. As a white-label solution, Fuze by Acision can be customised and branded by operators and enterprises, whether for an operator's subscriber base or a brand's customers or employees. The app’s features and content can be configured ‘a la carte’ and regionalised for language and iconography. The app is free for download but, given that Fuze allows users to subscribe to their favourite media content and brands, Acision is looking to monetise its efforts by providing opportunities for sponsored and premium content offerings.