Per campaign, product and customer, more data means more knowledge about how conversions occur. Jirafe’s real time data reveals performance of all aspects of a marketing strategy.

Real-time data add value to e-commerce analytics

Analytics are the starting point for any e-commerce business strategy, but some services only cover the basics. Beyond the starting point of pageviews, click-thru rates and other metrics that many brands are getting, available data can provide much more powerful insight into how marketing efforts are converting customers. When a budget has to cover multiple advertising channels, affiliated brands, and social network strategizing, every dollar has to count, and a company has to know every detail about just how much and why it counts. These are the needs that Jirafe has built its product around - providing specifics that account for each customer in real time.

Real time data capture lets businesses track conversion

Valuable behavior collection begins from where and when that visitor became a customer, and continues throughout the shopping process and beyond. The additional before and after is analyzed to show how valuable the conversion is, and post-purchase data as well. Brands like Skype, Zadig & Voltaire, and Stüssy have signed up for these analytics which support e-commerce platforms like Hybris, Magento, Spree, Prestashop. Jirafe captures returns, refunds, exchanges and cancellations in real time, which allows marketers to see which products are not converting well. The speed gives the team the opportunity to email or retarget potential customers before losing them completely.

More opportunities to cut costs on non-converting partnerships

Much of the value of Jirafe comes from its attention to detail. With product conversion data, marketers can run promotions based on real time sales and returns rates. Keyword analysis can “optimize PPC spend hourly or daily, not weekly.” Brands can focus on affiliates that bring them valuable, long-term customers, “not one-time-only bargain seekers,” as well as on the social networks or channels that create revenue. These details and Jirafe’s integration with e-commerce platforms can provide superior insight, as well as automate many marketing processes to process this information manually.