Menu browsing, ordering, and paying are the main customer features of Presto, the restaurant tablet. Restaurant owners also benefit from integrated upselling and metrics when they adopt this device.

Restaurants: a dedicated tablet to increase customer sales and wait staff efficiency


Images, upselling and efficiency are benefits that Presto, a tablet device for the restaurant industry, hopes to bring to food service. The tablet was developed by E la Carte in 2011, and has updated its product to accommodate the specific needs of a dedicated device in a restaurant setting. It has an 18 hour battery life, integrated card reader and rugged construction that makes it impervious to “bumps and spills,” all of which it can boast over consumer tablets like the iPad. Presto is a fully illustrated menu that enables patrons to view photographs and descriptions of each item, and its interactivity gives them many other options that are convenient for diners as well as profitable for restaurant owners and waitstaff.

Dynamic menu and ordering creates a more seamless customer experience

Flexibility is one main benefit for this dedicated device - it offers high value features for both proprietors and customers. E la Carte gives restaurant owners a system that updates with menu availability, where customers can see appropriate pricing and specials during happy hour, or if menu items are sold out. Customers can browse, order and reorder on their own timetable, and split the bill directly through Presto, an option that is not often available at most restaurants. All of these features contribute to less guest frustration and more efficiency, and may influence the rest of the restaurant industry to incorporate dynamic inventory and bill splitting into their own practices.

Device design can increase sales and track performance metrics

Likely the most valuable feature of Presto is its effect on sales. While servers often can upsell to customers while taking orders, item prompts are integrated into the interface of Presto. Since the system is more conducive to additional items, takes orders instantaneously, and shows large-format photos of these items, Presto is very effective at increasing total order size. E la Carte estimates a 10 percent sales boost through optimal leveraging of impulse orders. Their data also promises 7 minute faster table turn and double waiter efficiency, all of which combines to pay for the device after one day. Analytics makes menu trends and other metrics transparent.

By Ivory King