PDFs and design files can now be shared and critiqued by creative teams. Revisu gives feedback tools that can be used by small or large companies to streamline a project.

Revisu brings online collaboration to design projects

Online collaboration tool Revisu wants to be the Google Docs of designers. Project collaboration used to consist of group emailing a file multiple times to get the job done. Office software has had a workaround for this problem for some time, where a web-based file can be seen, edited or annotated simultaneously by multiple people. But design-based work has still required the team of people to receive and open the latest file, while also having the required software if it is a proprietary file format. When working with clients, a lot of designers have a hard time sharing their work – the client also usually has to purchase the software. Revisu addresses this problem with a Web page that can hold a PDF, Photoshop or Illustrator file.

Sharing design projects with clients and teams easily

The service left beta this month after receiving positive responses from designers and architects. Designers have to upload their file, share a link with their team, and receive feedback on the design.Revisu notifies team members when there is an update, and includes an interface to easily share their work on Twitter and Facebook. Many other features are on their way - an API is coming soon, along with additional file format and video support. This gives a lot of usability for casual users, while still being scalable - the free membership supports up to ten projects and 256 MB of storage, but users can purchase extra space.

Encouraging teams to give feedback

At this point in its development, Revisu is solving a very specific problem - it creates a simple way for collaborators to view and give feedback on a visual-based project. It does not, however incorporate tech to edit within the project page. This is meant more for teams in which one person is answering to a panel, but is doing most of the work on the actual file. Participants can drop pins on the image to target the area that they are critiquing, so it offers some tools that document sharing services do not. Revisu aims to give robust tools like this while remaining a simple product.

By Ivory King