SmartRecruiters is a cloud-based online recruitment platform designed for small and medium businesses to find the right talents easily, and for free.

SmartRecruiters Brings Recruitment Software to SMBs for Free

SmartRecruiters is an online recruitment software specifically aimed at helping out SMBs recruit the best candidates easily and quickly. While recruitment software itslef is far from being new, consumerization of enterprise IT is - and SmartRecruitment intends to lead the trend. It is also the first cloud-based recruitment software to be free, CEO Jérôme Ternynck wanting to “democratize” this type of technology usually accessible to large companies only. The young startup just raised 5 million dollars, and nearly 11.000 companies are using the software right now. 

Social talent technology for efficient recruitment

SmartRecruiters makes it easier and quicker for recruiters to find the right talents thansk to its integration with many social networks or recruitment sites. It lets companies create a job offer through the interface, and then post it easily to other jobs boards like LinkedIn, Dice, CareerBuilder… The software allows sharing job offers across social networks to boost referrals, and also launched a Faceook App and a Wordpress plugin for easy job posting. Recruiters can then share candidates’ profiles with their team for a more social process with co-workers. SmartRecruiters also lets recruiters communicate with job seekers directly from the interface.

Free software to democratize recruitment technology

By offering its software for free, SmartRecruitment wants to democratize recruiting technologies and make it accessible to small companies and start an “Arabian Spring” for recruitment. Aside from building its whole business model around this concept, the startup also started what it calls the “Zero Unemployment Movement”, which aspires “to push the economy towards its full potential by fixing friction in the labor market”. The strong ideology of CEO Jérôme Ternynck might pave the way to the next generation of Saas - a free model with revenue coming for other sources like third party services.