Springshot builds mobile resource management apps designed for the service sector, with the aim of improving staff performance in real time.

Springshot helps service companies boost employee performance via mobile

Gamification has many potential applications for the world of business. Some firms use it to enhance their recruitment processes, others to increase collaboration between teams or encourage employees to adopt healthier lifestyles. San Francisco-based startup Springshot, uses gaming dynamics to motivate service sector staff in the performance of their daily tasks. In the service sector, the workforce tends to be geographically spread out, with staff moving around a good deal during working hours andoften having to deal with tasks alone. Teams are moreover reorganized fast and frequently, all of which can make it very difficult for managers to run them. Most collaborative platforms for organizing employee tasks in this field do not take proper account of the twin aspects of mobility and isolation.

Managing employee mobility in real time

Springshot builds mobile apps to help employees organize their working days better and to schedule the various tasks they are assigned, while at the same time ensuring optimal interaction with their manager in real time. They are designed especially for the service industries, in particular tourism, hospitals and the airline industry. The various applications on offer range from a calendar to a messaging system, a system for specific assignments, the latest news on the day’s scheduling, and training modules. Springshot’s programs enable management to track and monitor the work of their employees more closely. Managers can use them to identify the most efficient employees, collect and store data on performance, reassign tasks and in general react and adapt the schedule faster and more effectively.  The on-the-go staff can also stay in touch more easily with their office wherever they happen to be.

Motivating work commitment

Springshot also helps the companies leverage mobile technology to encourage stronger commitment on the part of employees by providing apps that incorporate gamification and a social component. Transforming work and the accomplishment of often rather thankless tasks into a game helps to motivate employees and ultimately make them more productive. When staff are able to carry out such tasks with a smile on their faces, this also tends to boost their general well-being. In addition, the social component enables employees to compare their scores and measure themselves up against each other. The idea of integrating a social network is that it tends to unite company staff and enhance their feeling of belonging to a real community.