At a time when computer skills are increasingly in demand from both IT sector firms and many other types of companies, TrueAbility’s business proposition is to help would-be employers to test job candidates in a practical and efficient manner.

TrueAbility lets technical recruiters test candidates' IT skills


From data engineers to computer systems architects to games developers, all kinds of companies are on the lookout for the most talented people. In Silicon Valley the information and communication technology giants have already been battling it out to hire top talent for many years now. Firms in other sectors are following closely behind as they look to ‘go digital’. Against this background, San Antonio, Texas-based company TrueAbility has set out to help employers test job applicants’ technical skills more easily via a dedicated online platform. “We can help companies and organizations worldwide to recruit the right talent, save money and architect the right technical talent strategy,” explains an official statement by CEO Luke Owen.

More ‘objective’ recruitment

TrueAbility’s stated aim is to enable more objective, more efficient and more targeted recruitment, based almost exclusively on an assessment of the job-seekers’ real skills. Using the TrueAbility flagship product Ability Screen, technical recruiters can test candidates from all over the world, setting them specific technology tasks under real life conditions – i.e. in a ‘live’ server environment. The recruiter can then compare the candidates’ performance and rank them based on hard results.Meanwhile, aside from such targeted technical tests, job-seekers have the opportunity to prove themselves by taking part in various TrueAbility contests. These competitions give them a chance to test their skills, earn points and social rewards, and get themselves noticed by recruiters.

Adapting technical recruitment to market reality

Graham Weston, Chairman of cloud computing infrastructure provider Rackspace, who is also one of the main investors in TrueAbility, points out that “the demand for qualified technical expertise in the enterprise has changed, but the way we screen and hire these candidates has not.”Apart from enabling more targeted recruitment, TrueAbility argues that its approach can help companies save substantial amounts of time and money, claiming that firms using Ability Screen can reduce the time to hire by as much as 66%, with all the consequent cost savings. This approach could well be a highly efficient recruitment procedure for international companies if it proves to be a viable alternative to lengthy telephone interviews and/or the transportation costs incurred when a candidate has to come for interview from another city or country. 

By Alice Gillet
English editorial manager