When it comes to the job application process, the role that social media plays is on the rise. Though LinkedIn has more views for jobs than Twitter and Facebook, users are more likely to apply to a job found on Twitter.

Using Twitter compliments corporate and agency recruiting strategies


As social media usage becomes ubiquitous in many domains, it is increasingly facilitating the ways in which recruiters can find quality candidates. A study conducted by Bullhorn Reach shows agency and corporate recruiters are looking for new strategies to recruit candidates via social networks. According to the study, agency recruiters are better able to leverage their networks on Twitter and LinkedIn than corporate recruiters. They have larger networks, their networks grow faster and they receive more applications through social media – agency recruiters get 11 times more twitter applications than corporate recruiters when using the same networks and 3 times more LinkedIn applications. Despite those differences, all recruiters are adopting Twitter as a new legitimate recruiting tool, especially in light of the new Twitter business pages and its successful penetration rate.

Twitter candidates respond more to job offers

Recruiters are now using Twitter more than Facebook for social recruiting. In spite of Twitter users having fewer connections than users on other social media sites, Twitter followers are 3 times more likely to apply to a job listing than LinkedIn users and 8 times more likely to apply than Facebook users. This is in part due to the fact that posts are easily spread on Twitter, so it allows for a better reach even if the recruiter doesn’t have a lot of connections. Linkedin, however, still leads as far as job views go: LinkedIn receives 5.7 times more job views than Facebook and 3 times more than Twitter. Twitter, in turn, receives 1.9 times more job views than Facebook. Most recruiters are using Linkedin, but a growing number already have adopted Twitter as a complimentary recruiting tool – only 10% of recruiters are connected to LinkedIn and Facebook, 19% of them are connected to LinkedIn and Twitter.

Recruiters’ networks grow faster on Twitter

Twitter is useful because candidates answer a lot, but also for more organic reasons. Because of the structure of this network and the way it is being used, it is easier for recruiters to grow their network on Twitter than on any other social network even though they add more new connections on LinkedIn. It takes 2.7 months for a recruiters to grow their network on Twitter, 7.6 months on LinkedIn and 33.9 months on Facebook. LinkedIn users have a lot of connections and add people fast compares to Facebook where people have medium sized networks and add new “Friends” at a very slow pace. Twitter users start with small networks but they grow very fast. The social recruiting trend on Twitter is expected to grow: by the end of 2012, recruiters could quadruple the size of their current Twitter networks, says the Bullhorn Reach study. As those networks grow, recruiters will most likely develop new social recruiting strategies, too. 

By Marcus Burke