Facebook has most engagement per user on the mobile platform. Twitter and other social network brands have much higher mobile access levels than computer access.

Users like smartphones better than PCs to access social networking sites


According to recent analytics of ComScore’s new called Mobile Metrix 2.0, smartphones are more popular than PCs to access social networks, and when social networkers use their smartphones, they usually prefer using apps rather then their web browser. In terms of how the mobile audience accesses brands, apps drove 4 out of 5 mobile media minutes, despite access being roughly equal between apps and browsers. Though Google Sites, Facebook and Yahoo! Sites received the top three highest levels of traffic on this platform, Facebook is “the top ranked mobile media property by engagement,” and 80 percent of time spent was by app usage. Twitter app usage skewed even higher - users spent 96.5 percent of all property engagement minutes with the app.

Social networking brands see big differences in engagement across platforms

Though usage practices differ by mobile operating system, in general smartphones drive significant engagement for social network brands. Smartphones encourage high engagement for such brands, with more time spent on such gadgets than via the Web. The average mobile Facebook user engaged with the property (by browser or app) for over 7 hours in March, and Twitter users engaged for an average of nearly 2 hours, excluding usage via third-party apps. Computer-based Web access for Twitter only reached 20.4 minutes for the same time period. Other social networking sites like LinkedIn, Pinterest, Foursquare and Tumblr have between 4 and 8 percent of reach, though Foursquare sees much more time spent by its audience (145.6 minutes) than the next highest entry, Tumblr (68.4 minutes).

Marketers and publishers should consider OS metrics

Top apps differ across mobile operating systems, especially between iOS and Android. After system apps, iOS top apps are iTunes, Google Maps, Facebook, YouTube and Yahoo! Weather. For Android, top apps are the Android Market, Google Search, Google Maps, Gmail and Facebook. Gmaps was high-ranked on both platforms, with 91.2 percent of iPhone users and 74.5 percent of Android users. For Facebook, iOS had 80 percent reach and Android had 68.9 percent reach. These detailed analytics - audience reach, apps vs. browser and OS metrics will give publishers and advertisers actionable insights to optimize mobile strategies.

By Ivory King