Talkdesk offers affordable cloud-based call center support to small and medium sized businesses. Although very high tech, it keeps voice support at the center of customer support.

Voice should still be a pillar to customer support systems


Full-featured customer phone support has traditionally only been available to larger companies. One startup is aiming to give a robust CRM system to any size vendor powered by the cloud and supported by analytics. Talkdesk offers scalable services and pricing that is accessible for companies, no matter how small. Charging monthly per agent and per local phone number, Talkdesk routes calls from the Web and provides numbers from several countries. The interface is accessible from the desktop or mobile, powered by the Twilio cloud platform.

Talk support that leverages databases and enterprise tools

One of the strengths of Talkdesk is its emphasis on integration - for call data and enterprise tools. Incoming calls are populated with data from several sources to show the name of the person who is calling, along with their company and role. Business tools such as Highrise, Salesforce and other CRM systems and local databases also can be connected. Phone calls are recorded, transcribed, and made accessible with notes for later use. Team performance and call reports are emailed daily. These features are what makes Talkdesk viable, since most call center software is not good at “keeping tabs on customers and presenting all the information that businesses need to serve them better,” according to TechCrunch Disrupt coverage, where Talkdesk appeared.

Voice is still integral to customer support

Talkdesk is focusing on voice support, while integrating with email systems. As the startup explained during their Disrupt talk, the phone “is still the main avenue of conversation for all businesses.” Despite an ever increasing discussion about social media, customer service remains based firmly in voice support. Instead of investing in overly narrow call center software, some companies save money by outsourcing customer calls to international call centers - which comes with its own set of problems. But Talkdesk offers a solution that is scalable and local.