Over the next twelve months, wearable electronic devices are expected to become increasingly prevalent in workplaces all over Europe. However, deciding exactly where they fit into the company IT system and wireless network is a different matter.

Wearables set to enter the workplace

An online survey by US enterprise software specialist Ipswitch indicates that a third of all European businesses are likely to introduce wearable technology into their premises in 2015.  The figure for France, which looks set to be the pioneer country in adopting this type of workplace technology, works out at 34%, ahead of Germany (33%) and the United Kingdom (25%).  

The IT professionals polled by Ipswitch for its report also highlighted the fact that wearable technology would be adopted throughout the company, rather than just by the firm’s management. Those surveyed reckon that company staff across the board will start to use this type of ICT. Around 36% of European companies overall – 36% of French firms, 41% of German enterprises and 33% of the UK respondents – are expecting an influx of employee-owned wearable technology in 2015, with Apple watches out in front.

However, this trend looks far from certain to go through smoothly; three quarters of the company IT respondents reported that their business currently had “no policy for managing the impact of wearable technology in the workplace”. This headline figure breaks down as 80% for French companies, 77% for Germany and 73% for the UK.

However, Alessandro Porro, Vice President, International Sales at Ipswitch, thinks that the situation has now become urgent. “If firms don’t implement policies and IT tools to deal with this trend – which may well provide real productivity gains – network performance will be weak and security will certainly be endangered,” he warns.

By Aurore Geraud
Senior Editor & Analyst