Health startup Keas offers employers a way to improve worker health, mood and productivity while saving on healthcare costs. In addition to improving diet and encouraging exercise, Keas encourages team building.


In the US, employers are paying more for worker healthcare than ever, yet they are losing billions of dollars from unproductivity that can stem from disengaged employees. Poor health and feelings of isolation are both factors in disengagement, and both of these can be addressed with wellness programs. Health startup Keas has put community building and social relations at the center of their wellness program. Game mechanics have been shown to increase engagement and efficacy with such corporate endeavors to improve health and consequently, productivity among employees. Social network features, points and other rewards encourage and reinforce more desirable behaviors and help would-be fit folks attain their goals, as well as increase corporate team sentiment.

Team building keeps employees participating and improves the workplace environment

Keas seeks to build belonging and esteem among workers, all while optimizing engagement in its health program - its engagement rate is over 70 percent. Once employees are participating, Keas encourages them to form teams within the workplace, eat more produce, and be more active. For Keas client Pfizer, 79 percent of participants said their health improved, and these improvements were made within their at-risk population, not only with those who were already healthy. At Chilton, 92 percent of participants joined teams, which is a way that Keas encourages change by connecting employees to help each other.

Expanding the enterprise program to help employees when they aren’t at work

Putting social relationships into the forefront of wellness strategy is covering several business needs at once. Fostering teamwork along with good health, Keas has also begun offering a more comprehensive product, the Keas 360/365 Platform. It is meant to be accessed outside of the workplace, is more customizable for personal wellness goals, and is available on mobile web and an iOS app. This more fully-featured experience makes Keas into more of a consumer service than the narrower enterprise version as far as user interface and offerings, but gives comprehensive support to employees to maximize results and employer savings and other benefits.