The new Windows Phone 7 campaign that was announced today centers around the concept that this mobile operating system can “Get to everything you love. Easier and faster.”

Presumably these phones aim to do this so that owners can avoid the heads-down bad phone behavior that Microsoft characterizes in its commercials.

Debuting in Europe on October 21 and in the US on November 8, Windows Phone 7 will be available on handsets from Samsung, HTC, LG and Dell. The design favors more efficient access to the information that Microsoft has deemed most useful. The Start Screen has large tiles which self-update with real-time information coming from SMS, Facebook and other customizable sources.

Other favorable features include a camera button that works even when the phone is locked, FM radio, and integration with many Microsoft products. This includes Office Mobile with SharePoint Workspace, and Games Hub with Xbox Live and Music + Videos Hub with Zune Marketplace. Bing covers Web and Local Search, GPS, Traffic and Maps.

People Hub

The ads will run in a series, highlighting different components of the interface. The first commercials will be about how people pay more attention to their phones than to their surroundings. The next series will be more specific: photos, People Hub, Xbox Live, Bing and two for the start screen. Todd Peters, corporate vice president of Mobile Communications Marketing Group at Microsoft explains the huge ad push the company has planned: “We’re going to have the biggest TV marketing campaign in the history of the mobile business, with the ads running on shows such as ‘Hawaii Five-0,’ ‘Bones’ and ‘Saturday Night Live,’ as well as late-night talk shows.”

Microsoft has focused on a streamlined experience that is optimized for mobile, rather than ungracefully attempting to fit desktop Windows onto a cell phone.

By Ivory King