Lemon Way, a French-based independent software vendor, is bringing the complex banking world straight to your cell phone with Wonderbank.   The software, sold exclusively to banks and financial institutions with an array of custom

ers, enables users to access all facets of their banking needs.   With Wonderbank Mobile, users have full access to their investment operations. They can view account information, transfer money, view real-time charts and portfolios, select a marketplace, and buy, sell, or trade on it.   The software works on any mobile device, including J2ME Phones (Nokia, Sony-Ericsson, Samsung, LG, Motorola, Sagem, NEC, etc.), PocketPC with Windows Mobile Edition operating system, Palm Operating System base PDA or BlackBerry.   It also works on Google Android mobile phones—cell phones with a software platform based on the Linux operating system.   By bringing all your financial information to your phone, Wonderbank frees users from standing in line or finding access to the internet.   The mobile-banking sofware is meant “to accelerate the ROI [Return on Investment] on established banking and financial applications, and build a differentiated competitive advantage,” according to the company website.   The software is also compatible with IP TVs—a system whereby digital television service is delivered through technologies traditionally used for computer networks. The user can access all of his/her financial information through the television, never even having to get up to use the internet.   Lemon Way is a leader in innovative software for banks and financial institutions. Having won the 2008 Créateur Innovant (Innovative Creator) prize at TechInnov last February, the company’s new software Wonderbank continues its prize-winning tradition.   With Wonderbank, Lemon way brings the “personal” into personal finance, creating a convenient way to manage your money.   By Danny Scuderi   Feedback on an Article? E-mail us at editorial@atelier-us.com