IT professionals remain confident about the future of the economy in general and of their sector. However, they are now increasingly aware of the competition in the job market.

IT Workers’ Job Market Confidence Begins to Wobble

A year ago we published an article commenting on a survey carried out by online market study firm Harris Interactive, which found that IT sector professionals were optimistic about their future. One year later Harris Interactive has conducted a new online survey on behalf of employment agency Randstad Technologies, which specialises in “IT jobs and staffing solutions”, to see whether this trend was still holding up. The results show that confidence levels have dipped slightly. IT workers responding to the survey indicated that they felt the sector was still quite strong. However, they have apparently begun to feel the pressure of employers’ high expectations and to recognise how competitive the market is, which has somewhat eroded their confidence in finding a job should they need to move.

Confidence in the job market wanes

The majority (74%) of IT workers polled think they are unlikely to lose their job in the next twelve months. However, only 44 % reported feeling confident in their ability to find a new job if they quit or were let go. This marks an 11% drop compared to the previous quarter. IT staff now seem well aware of the increasingly tough job competition, even though there is a shortage of IT workers to fill available vacancies. A third of all information and communication technology workers say they are likely to look for a new job over the next year, slightly down on the 34% who said were likely to do so in the previous quarter.

Unique skill combinations sought

Despite the findings showing a dip in overall confidence compared with last year, 34% of the respondents believe that the economy is getting stronger. Indeed, the Randstad survey demonstrates that IT sector workers have every reason to feel buoyant, as emerging technologies are fuelling a robust jobs market. Robert Dickey, Executive Vice-President of Technologies at Randstad US, pointed out that “we’re seeing great demand for emerging technologies within the third platform, which includes cloud computing, social media technologies, big data analytics and mobility.” However, he emphasised that employers in particularly high-demand industries are seeking to recruit staff with a unique combination of hard and soft skills and experience.