San Francisco-based startup Zannel aims to unite the emerging mobile platform market with the multimedia offerings of social networking sites.   Reviewed by many as the “multimedia Twitter,” Zannel enables users to send text, pict

ure, and video messages from their phone. These updates can be viewed from Internet-enabled phones and online.   As the “first Instant Media Messaging service,” according to the company’s press release, Zannel is enhancing traditional mobile messaging with notable partnerships across different mediums.   Among the reported 1,500 content-provider partnerships are Warner Bros., New Line Cinema, Activision, and Konami Corp.   The range of content providers enables Zannel to offer a large-scale multimedia messaging service that appeals to an equally large audience.   Zannel also launched an open API for developers to use the company’s Instant Media Messaging “platform to create media-rich mobile applications, widgets and mashups,” the press release stated.   “Our team has been working together on mobile media technology for years, and we are excited to share our capabilities with the broader developer community and help everyday users get more out of their camera phones – to capture an image once and have it be viewable everywhere.” said Braxton Woodham, CTO, Zannel.   Zannel’s mobile messaging can be immediately uploaded to most social networking and blogging sites, including Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, and Flickr. Consequently, Zannel sees such networking sites as complimentary to its service rather than a direct competitor.   Zannel just completed a $10 million series B round of investments, bringing its total to $16 million in both A and B rounds, with prominent investors Alloy Ventures, U.S. Venture Partners, and Palomar Ventures among the leading contributors.   By Danny Scuderi   FEEDBACK For comments on this article, email us at