Virtual assistants can be very useful when you are on the go. Most Americans know this, though at the moment they are not using them very much at work.

Americans like using voice commands... but only in private

People in the United States find apps based on voice commands very appealing. A recent survey from Silicon Valley-based market research consultancy Creative Strategies, which polled a representative sample of 500 US residents, found that only 2% of all iPhone owners surveyed had never used Apple’s virtual assistant Siri and just 4% of Android users had never used Siri’s rival, OK Google.

However, when it comes to using their voice assistants, respondents said they preferred to do so in private: 51% of those polled said they used their voice assistant in the car, 39% at home, and only 6% in public. Moreover, a fifth of those polled stated that they do not use voice command apps because they feel uncomfortable talking directly to their technology tools when there are people around them.
So might this psychological barrier diminish over time, or will such reluctance put the brakes on the further spread of voice-based assistants?


By Guillaume Renouard