Anttenna takes the Twitter + foursquare formula and adds a less-expected third element: craigslist. Antenna provides twitter-length, geo-tagged classifieds, creating location-based, real-time ads. “Anttenna is a free mobil

e application that facilitates real-time, location-based, person-to-person exchanges,” the company says. “By turning traditional classified listings into geo-tagged twitter sized microlistings, Anttenna lets you quickly connect with people nearby. Got an extra ticket? Need an extra ticket? Lost your dog? Having a yard sale or an open house? Just post a quick mobile microlisting.”

Users search for the items or services (like that extra ticket or the lost dog) that they want and then a geo-tagged map comes up that shows where the people they need to connect to are. Once found, transactions can be initiated by text or phone call, and Antenna can connect them by with a Google Maps route.

Inputting services offered is also easy, and Antenna says that ads can be created in less than a minute.

Geo-located classified ads are a great idea. In order for Antenna to succeed, it will need to build up a sizeable user base or it will probably fall more into the real-time organizing space. Craigslist revolutionized classifieds, but mobile and GPS have created a whole new space available for the taking.

How to Use Anttenna from anttenna on Vimeo.

By Mark Alvarez