Facebook goes mobile, and create the mobile-social-networking For this popular social-networking site, “Mobile is the next frontier.” Facebook is expecting 4 million distinct active users of all of their mobile products, and 300

Million mobile page views by the end of this month.   They have already signed with most of the mainstream carriers in America, and almost all of Canada’s as well, to support their mobile offerings.   Facebook’s current offering is made of 3 main products: SMS service for information retrieval and notifications MMS service for your photo, video and notes upload Mobile Web, supported on all browsers.   Now, let’s discover Facebook’s new mobile applications.     Facebook partners with RIM for its new mobile quest Started in May 07, two small teams from Facebook and RIM have been working closely to come up with native applications exploiting two open platforms that today allow you the use of Facebook on your Blackberry smartphone.   In the following video, President and Co-CEO of RIM Mike Lazaridis discusses the shared visions he had with Facebook.     Watch the video demonstration on how to use Facebook on a Blackberry smartphone, and discover which cell phone carriers have been chosen to run the Facebook mobile application on Blackberry...   By Mathieu Ramage, Media and Editorial Manager of Atelier FEEDBACK For comments on this article, email us at editorial@atelier-us.com