indexes all free Wi-Fi access points. In addition to their free hotline, the service now features new technology that makes it possible to know in real time which access points are available and which are not. The technology is based on a heartbeat control that transmits the hotspot’s status to the service every two minutes 24 hours a day. When a user calls to request the location of the nearest free access point, Free-hotspot can thus ensure that it won’t be down when the person gets there.

Internet users can verify access-point availability by checking for the green logo next to the site they are planning visiting.

"We’re excited to have completed this new stage in our certification program because it enables us to guide Wi-Fi users in finding and using free hotspots throughout Europe," said Joe Brunoli, Vice President of Hotspot Market Development for

"This new feature enables mobile Wi-Fi users to know for sure if a certified free hotspot is available and working. With our free hotline service, they can even call en route for information on a certified hotspot."

The company mainly focuses on informing users, via its website, of all the free Wi-Fi points it has located around the world. Additionally, sets up new free Wi-Fi hotpots itself. Since October, for example, it has installed 35 access points in France, recovering its costs through advertising.